Desk Of The Director (P.R)

Mrs. Shivly Bandyopadhyay
In our Education System, our schools are too caught up in ticking boxes and reaching targets and have lost the ability to step back and look at the child and see how they are developing and growing in different areas at different rates. We are following age old style of teaching. More futuristic & practical approach can be taken. We need to have the courage to trust our children and their ability to judge for themselves when it is the right time to take on more skills and which skills those should be. We should be teaching our children to learn, in that way they will have a life full of opportunity and possibility rather than a string of tests trailing behind them that leave them adrift once they get out into the real world and find life is not all about cramming bits of knowledge for the next test. The world outside school waits for our little buds to bloom. Our role is to make them fit in that environment and blossom to be the worthy citizen of our global village.