Welcome to Lyceum School

LYCEUM - School for Children's Holistic Optimal & Objective Learning was set up in 2004, with an aim to provide holistic learning environment for young minds.


HOLISTIC : The school aims to develop the overall personality of the students- not just confine him to the boundaries of books.

OPTIMAL :For everything, there is a limit not too less we too much. Study, play -mix n match for OPTIMUM time to get MAXIMUM results. Students own taught how to balance personal lives and work.

OBJECTIVE: Hit the bulls eye directly – no beating around the bush. All cosmetic frills are eliminated. The students are taught how to be FOCUSSED in order to achieve their goals.

LYCEUM : School for Children's Holistic Optimal and Objective Learning was set up to provide World-class education to students at a very affordable price

Lyceum School has been the front-runners in utilization of educational technology. Smart classes were introduced here at a time when no other school in Gurgaon had it. In fact Lyceum School was the second school in North India to install multimedia based teaching system - even difficult concepts become simple and interesting to the students.

Lyceum School is also one of the pioneers in using English language lab software for spoken English and grammar.

LYCEUM School for Children's Holistic Optimal and Objective Learning is not just another school. It is a seat of learning- a center for development of personality & strong and moral character.

Lyceum School is here to promote the highest level of competence- at par with the best in the World.